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DiFruscia Picks – Poggio Stenti Wines

February 6th, 2015 by

In 2012, we were fortunate to have Eleanora along with her mother Milva and father Carlos visit Bertoldi’s. Eleanora went from table to table talking about her wines. In the fall of 2013 Jessica and I along with Angie and Jessica’s husband Mat, had the opportunity to visit with the Pieri family …and what a day it was.


e met at the Bottegga in S. Angelo AScala which is a part of Montalcino. The store was busy and when we saw the display of meat we knew why. All the meats, salamis were in fine display; made from Prosciuttos he has hanging in storage.

From there we took a five minute drive to Poggio Stenti. Here is where all the grape vines are, as well as the farm with all of the animals that Carlos raises then butchers himself for the shop. The winery is built below the home which itself was built in 2008. So everything was brand new with a historical look.

We feel the Poggio Stenti wines are some of the best for the price there are in Italy.

We sat down for a great meal actually it was a feast with the Pieri family. We started with his artisanal meats and salamis, followed by pici with a Bolognese sauce… just too die for. Then Carlos had grilled a true Florentine steak from his shop on his outside grill where he also had an outdoor pizza oven. The steak was large then sliced. This steak was then followed by another steak. Each course was matched with one of their wines. We were able to select the wines that we are now featuring in our 2014 wine menu as the “DiFruscia Picks”. With the sangiovese grapes grown so close to Montalcino, the terroir is similar. We feel the Poggio Stenti wines are some of the best for the price there are in Italy. By the way, we had hired a driver which turned out to be a wise descision. We encourage you to sample their wines that we are so proud to feature on the menu.

We are offering all Poggio Stenti by the glass: the Bianco, Rose, Tribolo and Staffa or sample the Staffa, Tribolo and Rose in our wine flight. An opportunity to compare three sangiovese made three different ways.


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