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Prosecco: Italy’s Sparkling Wine

July 20th, 2016 by


One can enjoy Italian Sparkling wine, Prosecco anytime of year but Prosecco on a patio can’t be beat. Starting July 26 we are excited to be offering 6 different types of Prosecco from our house winery Masottina. On a recent trip to Masottina located in Conegliano, Veneto (the heart of the prosecco region) we had the pleasure of trying these 6 Proseccos one of which is on our wine list, and

4 of the 6 have never been to Canada

The experience of trying them all and truly understanding the differences between Extra Dry vs Brut (Brut being drier than Extra Dry) and comparing the terrior. We are offering three terroir with a brut and extra dry from each:

DOC Treviso is considered “everyday” wine and comes from 95 municipalities

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiors DOCG coming from only 15 municipalities and are consider the “Classic” Prosecco

Rive di Ogliano DOCG A new style of Prosecco and is pure terroir. These Prosecco’s are the “Grand Cru” and can only be from 1 of the 43 selected micro zone.

We are offering the Proseccos in many different ways
All 6 will be offered by the glass: 5oz, 8oz, bottle and in a flight.

• A Wine Flight of each (3) x 2oz of the Extra Dry (DOC, DOCG and Rive Subzones)
• A Wine Flight of each (3) x 2oz of the Brut (DOC, DOCG and Rive Subzone)

OR Enjoy a 3 course meal paired with 1 x 2oz OR 2 x 2oz serving of a Prosecco per course

Course 1:

Yellow Beet Caprese: fresh local yellow beets with fiore di latte and a prosecco vinaigrette paired with the Prosecco DOC Treviso ~ Extra Dry and Brut

Course 2:

A Creamy Parmesan risotto with local asparagus and sautéed shrimp paired with Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG ~ Extra Dry and Brut

Course 3:

Cheese plate with ricotta salata, gorgonzola , romano cheese and crostini’s paired with Rive di Ogliano DOCG Brut and Extra Dry

$50.00 for 3 courses and 3 wines
$62.00 for 3 courses and 6 wines

Want a more in-depth tasting with our house Sommelier, Jessica, we are happy to book a private tasting for groups of 6 or more depending on availability and scheduling

Come, Enjoy, Compare and Learn about these prosecco’s, the region and Masottina Winery.

Saluti, Bob & Jess

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