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Southern Italy

July 14th, 2017 by

Enjoy a warm summer evening on our patio exploring the traditional dishes and grapes from Sicily and Sardinia. See our Southern Italy Menu that we’ve created.

Sicily is located in the Mediterranean Sea just off the boot of Italy


he island is recognized for it’s fresh vegetables, seafood, arancini and pistachio’s (the only place in Italy where they are grown). The regions notable wines are: Marsala a dry or sweet wine that is commonly used in cooking and dessert; a Nero d’Avola and Syrah is grown in Sicily due to the warm climate.

Sardinia is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and the majority of the land is mountainous surround by wooded areas with even millenary trees, small and desert areas. The Island is most recognized for its coves and beach of snow white sand. Sardinia surround by the Mediterranean has a strong focus on seafood and seafood stews, a variety of breads, meats and pasta’s simply done. Sardinia wines complaint the foods with a Vermentino that is light and crisp white wine and for a red wine Cannonau di Sardegna which, is ruby red and fuller bodied.

Come explore the Southern Italian Islands at Bertoldi’s starting Tuesday July 11th till August 7th .

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