The Masottina Room

Groups of family and friends of all sizes are invited to gather in the Masottina room.

This private dining space is located just off the Bertoldi's main dining room, and offers an excellent space for meetings or dinner parties.

You can feel at home in the Masottina room's comfortable surroundings, with walls lined in beautifully crafted wine storage shelves, showcasing some of our extensive wine collection.

In fact, the name Masottina is inspired by an Italian wine maker in the Veneto region. Bertoldi's offers several exclusive Masottina wines on our menu and we sell more than anywhere else in Canada.

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Inspiring space, Inspiring Wines

The Masottina Room is inspired by the winery of the same name, located in the Conegliano region of Italy. Bertoldi's is one of the largest importers of Masottina's award-winning wines. We also import hundreds of other inspiring wines from Italy and other cherished wine regions around the world. Come in to the restaurant to sample our wine list. Or, why not organize a private event in the Masottina room with custom wine selections?